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Award winning update to the National Slate Association's original design and installation manual. Slate Roofs Design and Installation ManualThe National Slate Association's new publication, Slate Roofs: Design and Installation Manual is the result of over five years of effort, as well as peer review by members of the roofing industry. The Manual consists of over 250 pages, including 5 chapters, 9 appendices, 5 sidebars, 7 tables, 36 figures and over 140 detail drawings. Each detail is accompanied by comprehensive notes explaining its purpose, the materials and methods involved in its construction, variations and alternatives to the detail, and important considerations for designing and installing the detail. $90 plus shipping, call to order

Everything you wanted to know about Slate Roofs including how to keep them alive for centuries. $65 plus shipping, call to order

The Original Slater’s Bag - Made from heavy duty cotton duck with a nylon webbed handle, this bag is large enough to carry a few pieces of slate and your tools up onto the roof. $50 plus shipping, call to order. "Happy to see you have the canvas slate bags back. Mine are at least 20yrs old are well worn and in need of replacement." Andrew, slate roofer in Providence, RI.

New England Slate’s "I’d Nail That” tee shirt $20 plus shipping, call to order

New England Slate’s "I’d Nail That” tee shirt $20 plus shipping, call to order